The Fontaine du Pre de Mazel cave

Located in Chasserades, near the little village of Le Mas, the Fontaine du Pre de Mazel cave is a karstic complex developing inside the little jurassic limestone plateaus of Daufage - L'Estampe - Le Mas, extending eastwards from the Montbel causse and plain. They are located on the northern flank of the Montagne du Goulet, along the fault of the same name.

Upon the underlying schists, the karstic network gives birth to the Ruisseau du Mazel, a tributary of the Chassezac river.

The cave was discovered in 1950 and explored from 1951 onwards . It consists of at least 5 km of mostly horizontal galleries, some of them occupied by an underground stream. Many limestone concretions may be observed inside, as well as, in some places, bat cimeteries (*).

The cave is not accessible to the general public. However, GeoLozere proposes 2 to 3 hours visits inside the cave, under the guidance of a certified speleologist. The visit is not physically difficult as the progression is essentially in horizontal galleries. The visit begins with an interactive slideshow explaining the peculiarities of this unique cave.

To visit the Fontaine du Pre de Mazel cave, contact us.

The price is 20 euros / person, and the groups are around 10 persons. Adapted speleology suits and lighting are provided to each visitor.

(*) For obvious reasons linked to the preservation and tranquility of the animals, the bat colonies are not approached during the visits.




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