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5 days discovery tour


Between Cevennes, Margeride, Causses and Deves volcanoes

600 millions years in the Massif Central


Leaving from Chasserades - Access maps (Google Maps)

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Monday: Margeride moors and hercynian granites

9:00: Reception of the participants. Interactive slideshow: magmatic rocks and the formation of hercynian granites. 10:45: Departure to Chateauneuf-de-Randon. The « horseteeth granite » and granite chaos around Signal de Randon and Truc de Fortunio, panorama on the Massif Central. Meal at Hotel de la Poste (L’Habitarelle). The Charpal Lake and sandstones. The Laubert "vaugnerite". Chateauneuf de Randon, the town of Du Guesclin, panorama on the Margeride. Back in Chasserades around 18:30.


Tuesday: Old metamorphic rocks in Ardeche and Cevennes, a balcony above the Mediterranean Sea

9:00: Interactive slideshow: the formation of metamorphic rocks. 9:45: Departure to the Tanargue Massif. The Borne spot and Ardeche metamorphic rocks. Picnic in Loubaresse. Panorama from the Col de Meyrand. The Cevennes schists and the Borne granite, the Villefort fault, the sandstones and medieval village of La Garde-Guerin, the pink granite quarries and the Chassezac canyon panorama. The "migmatites" of Prevencheres. Back in Chasserades around 18:45.


Wednesday: The Montbel plain and causse, the watertank of France

10:00: Reception of the participants. Interactive slideshow: Geology and landscapes in the Goulet and Montbel plain area. 11:15: Departure to the Goulet mountain. Panorama on the upper Chassezac valley and Moure de la Gardille. Picnic on the Goulet mountain. Panorama on the Montbel plain and Margeride. The “crozes” and limestones of the Montbel Causse, the metamorphic rocks of the Gardille Massif. The Goulet fault and the Mas quarry. Back in Chasserades around 18:30.


Thursday: In the land of limestones and megaliths, the Causses of Mende and Les Bondons

9:00: departure to Mende and the Causse de Sauveterre. The rounded « dolines » of la Baraque des Gendarmes. The Rûnes granite chaos. The Cevennes schists and ancient uranium mine of Les Bondons. Picnic in the village. The "cham", “puechs”, megaliths and fossiliferous limestones around Les Bondons. The Valdonnez and Mende Causse. Back in Chasserades around 18:00.


Friday: Between Loire and Allier, the Deves volcanoes and lava flows

9:00: Interactive slideshow: volcanic activity in the Massif Central. 10:00: Departure to Langogne. Lava flows and basltic columns in the Espezonette valley. Panorma on the Deves and Velay volcanoes. Picnic in Arlempdes. The La Sauvetat, Landos and Praclaux « maars ». The Naussac lake, graben and fossil tropical soils. Back in Chasserades around 18:50. 20:30: Closing meal in Hotel de La Remise (Le Bleymard) (optional).




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