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3 days discovery tour


The Tarn canyon and the Grands Causses


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First day : Saint-Laurent de Treves, Nimes-le-Vieux and the Mont Aigoual

9:00 Reception of the participants. Interactive slideshow: the geological history of the Causses region. 10h30: Departure to Saint-Laurent de Treves, the dinosaurs footprints and the panorama on the Causse Mejean cliffs. Picnic in Fraissinet-de-Fourques. Panorama from the Mont Aigoual. Walk in the rock chaos of Nimes le Vieux. The Causse Mejean and the Przewalski horses. Back in Ispagnac around 19:00.


Second day : Water circulation and springs between Causse Méjean and the Tarn canyon

9:00 Interactive slideshow: Morphology and water circulation, in the Causses region. 10:00 Departure to Florac and Causse Mejean. Panorama on Mont Lozere and the Causse des Bondons. The « poljes » of Chanet and Caussignac. Meal in Auberge de la Grive (Mas Saint-Chély). The Aven Armand cave. The Sainte-Enimie fault, panorama on Saint-Chély du Tarn. The village and springs of Castelbouc. Back in Ispagnac around 19:00.


Third day : « Dolines », volcanic chimneys, dolmens and architecture on Causse de Sauveterre

10:00 Departure to Molines and the Causse de Sauveterre. Panorama on the valley of Ispagnac. The rounded « dolines » of la Baraque des Gendarmes, the village and volcanic chimney of Sauveterre. Picnic in the typical village of Champerboux. The Dignas dolmen, the volcanic chimneys and the village of Sainte-Enimie. The Cabrunas panorama. Back in Ispagnac around 16:30.




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